Ayubia is beautiful visiting place in Pakistan. Ayubia is located in district Abbottabad. Ayubia was declared national park in 1884. It was named after President Ayub Khan, who belonged to Haripur District of Hazara. Most peoples are going to visit ayubia. Ayubia is full of beautiful mountains and different kinds of trees which shows the beauty of Pakistan. Chair lefts and zigzag road makes very interesting view points for visitors. Monkeys and other kind of animals can be found in Ayubia. Ayubia is also near to murree. You can visit Ayubia and murree at same day.
Ayubia is full of trees. There are some restaurant  in Ayubia you can enjoy delicious  Pakistani dishes. You can stay in hotels in murree There are many Hotels in murree. Chair lefts increase the injoyment in Ayubia. Water is very cold in Ayubia. When I was gone our driver brig water and that water was so cold. It was difficult  to drink the water. One thing which fascinated me was beautiful trees. I really like the trees. Ayubia is standing at some 26 kilometers from the tourist hotbed of Murree Hill Station, over 100,000 tourists flock to Ayubia National Park and the places around every year. It is well known for its picnic spots. There are a number of rest houses and small hotels at the base station of the Chairlift. The top station of the Chairlift also has a restaurant and couple of food and souvenir stalls. Golden eagle, Himalayan Griffon vulture, Honey buzzard, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Hill pigeon, Spotted dove, Collared dove and many other birds are present in Ayubia.

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